Content Creation

We live in a world with stretched out attention spans, where people are reading less and less, watching more and more video, and will opt out when they can for some entertainment and escape. 

With Business Storytelling, there is intentional, well thought out marketing at play. Advertisers strategically do this all the time when crafting an idea or jingle to intentionally get stuck in the minds of mass consumers.

Business storytelling isn’t complicated, and this isn’t Shakespeare.


At the most basic level, Business Storytelling is like delivering a well thought out presentation with the the intent to win the business, except here, Madison Avenue advertising meets Broadway playwriting, with a subtle twist.

Storytelling requires some intelligent research, and good thinking to put together an interesting, and entertaining storyline that if really good, your audience begins to see themselves as part of the story, and identifies with actionable next steps.

So how do you tell a great story without spending top $$$ on Madison Avenue advertising brainpower? This is where mechanics of playwriting, entertainment, and authenticity come in.

How do you measure ROI on Business Storytelling?

You win the business.