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  • Scott Iseman

Whole Foods CEO on the State of Society

John Mackey, soon to be former CEO of Whole Foods Market spoke with Reason Magazine on a recent podcast, and lamented on the state of things in today's politics, and our society.

Mackey, a strong advocate of free markets, liberty, and capitalism, rang his high profile alarm that socialism is beginning to take hold in USA, noting advances in education, military, and corporations that put cherished American freedoms like speech and guns at under threat.

Come September, when Mackey retires from Whole Foods, he intends to speak his mind on values he believes in. I expect to quote John Mackey here from time to time when he makes news.

I tend to not have such a negative outlook, as much of this advance of anti-Americanism can be halted IF Republicans take back control of Congress, and stop funding programs that advance socialist ideology.

This is in part a business blog, and here at The Iseman Firm, I promote conscious capitalism, and do agree with John Mackey that capitalism is "the greatest thing humanity’s ever done'.

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