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  • Scott Iseman

The Chinese Spy Balloon Incident

The Pentagon should have shot down the balloon over Alaska or Montana.

In the end, in a dramatic climax, with consequential impacts to be felt 50 years from now, President Joe Biden, America's Commander in Chief did give the order to shoot the Chinese spy balloon down.

My position on the United States shooting down the Chinese spy balloon:

1. Likely a spy balloon over U.S. Soil, which is unacceptable, and needed to be taken out sooner, rather than the balloon completing it's cross country surveillance journey.

2. Sends a message to all nations, don't ever think about entering U.S. airspace. Or else.

3. Preventative. We don't need an undetected balloon in 10 years to drop a WMD, or drones on USA from 60,000 ft. above.

4. Now we can recover the remains of the balloon to examine and learn from.

5. It dislodged the U.S. military from deployed overseas complacency to mobilize off the coast of South Carolina to take out a legit national security threat.

Lawmakers will be fiercely debating this event for years to come. A critical national security debate to have, and a turning point for the nation.

Our fighters jets are often deployed elsewhere in the world, or well off our coast to engage with foreign intrusions. We haven't had a US fighter jet fire on a hostile object over the American homeland.

Consequential stuff.

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