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Media Narratives

“The first criteria of a responsible newspaper such as The New York Times is going to be that which their readers need to know about their world that day — those developments that in one way or another might affect their health, their pocketbooks, the future of themselves and their children." -Walter Cronkite (A Reporter’s Life)

If you have charisma, a good look, know the political landscape, and can speak well, maybe you can become a much sought after media expert who can be booked on national news and cable news programs for high profile interview segments.  

Here's a scoop: Credible journalism is on life support in the 21st Century, but media narratives run the world, and the news of the day brings the world together, mostly on Twitter. 

Heading into the 2024 election, and very likely beyond, America’s national media will be engaged in all out political and cultural warfare, and ‘narratives’ are the weapon of choice in this culture war. 

So wait, what’s a 'narrative' here?

First, some background. Scott grew up on 1980’s news reporting, and took journalism in high school; back when CNN was legit news, and Walter Cronkite was still the most respected news personality in America. Today Walter Cronkite is remembered some years (more than others) often on the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and the spirit of news objectivity, hanging on by a thread these days, strives to live on, even here on this website.

In the mid to late 1990s, Scott worked for a bestselling book author, and in book publishing, gaining valuable experience writing strong, compelling press releases to book big ticket national interviews for a credible, media friendly expert. Surfing viral media trends that fed into the national narrative when super hot books and health products were all the rage.

Today, corporate media has an political and social agenda, and in the national environment of media (news, punditry, opinion, activism), narratives help move a news story along to advance a political agenda, in a perpetual effort to garner power, drive up ratings, win elections, and eventually pass sweeping forms of new legislation. In 2022, too many in the beltway and media elite are drunk on power, and driven to push for big government spending. This drowns out voices of moderation, robust Americanism, and fiscal responsibility, where there is a dire need for responsible media voices.  

During the President Biden era, experts seeking TV airtime in the daily news cycle is simply going to be a challenging, uphill climb. As a credible media personality, you are competing with endless, fierce political opposition, and established pundits and experts who dominate the news cycle week after week, and will for years to come.

There will always be a demand for an up and coming fresh, legit expert with credibility, who radiates charisma, and can intelligently debate well on live television, radio, or podcast. Our nation’s media elite will quickly pounce on compelling storytelling angles if it advances their cause, drives up ratings, or touches on the hot topic of the moment, which is often all the rage for that day, and most of the time, forgotten in a day or two.

With a clever hook or storyline angle and a knack for serial television storytelling using 30 years of creative writing skills, your storyline will get read and considered in national and local media outlets, and if delivered at just the right moment in a 24/7 news cycle, you could soon be in high demand as a public media expert.


Not only can The Iseman Firm can make it happen, but for a lot less than top dollar PR firms.  


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