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American History 101 Consulting

"Knowledge of our history is, first of all, a pleasure for its own sake. The American past is a record of stirring achievement in the face of stubborn difficulty. It is a record filled with figures larger than life, with high drama and hard decision." -John F. Kennedy (35th U.S. President)

The discounted cost for a American History Consulting program by The Iseman Firm is $30,000. 

To get your money's worth on this consulting initiative, you will need incredible value and a proven healthy return on investment. 

Big corporations are already paying $30,000 for consulting services (I've seen the invoices) to get made up out of thin air insights on critical race theory, and the revisionist 1619 Project, so if interested, your organization can probably afford $30,000 for honest Abe Lincoln style history, that can improve employee morale, your bottom line, the overall organization, and our nation.

The United States is a 246 year old country, with a 400 year pre-history, and the outcome of a 1000+ year Western Civilization. Our nation has an incredible amount of socially conscious history easily referenced with some effort, but often lost in classic books anyone can find in used bookstores, and library book sales for a $1 or $2 each. Scott collects these incredibly valuable history books that our times have deemed worthless, and digs into them to get to the root of American tradition.  

If the early 20th Century was a time of industrialization, empire building, and great war, the 21st Century may be best summed up with political polarization, corporate burnout, and stretched out attention spans, where people are reading less and less, watching more and more video, losing touch with our amazing, and complicated past.


The United States landed on the moon (1969), defeated Nazi Germany (1945), won a Civil War (1865), and built an empire (1898 and beyond). Today, too many citizens don't even know how our government works, or what exactly it was that built our nation (a nation built for business) from scratch.

American History is filled with lessons, wisdom, and insights about who we are, where we came from, and what makes us an entrepreneurial society. We can never return to the past, nor do we want to, but It is in history's wisdom (as civilizations have relied on great works for thousands of years) that can help shape a better future.

How do you measure ROI on investing $30,000 in American history consulting?

- Increased Organizational Productivity, Efficiency, Revenue, and Profit Margin

- Employees Inspired to Better Themselves, Organization, and Nation

- A Happier Society (See The Declaration of Independence)

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