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Sunset Fishing

About Scott

I founded this company in 2008, focused on business development, strategic media planning, and now 15 years later in the age of AI, writing content to advance business opportunities.

Currently I develop, negotiate, and launch profitable new business programs for national and regional retailers, keenly focused on high turning impulse products at checkout, product lines that generate strong checkout performance, drive up basket count, deliver high annual turns, strong sales per square foot, with a good margin.

We provide Pay-On-Scan/Consignment and merchandising. We own the shrink and inventory until it sells. Often sustainably produced. Simply good solutions to meet today's retail challenges in tight labor market, driving operational efficiencies, and helping retailers increase their cash flow.

Sourcing products domestically, and overseas, clients who want a quality product from anywhere in the world at good price, I'll find it, and get it delivered in USA at the best price possible. I've got relationships with many quality factories worldwide.

My career began with humble but sweat equity beginnings managing a retail store and restaurant in 1980s San Diego. From stocking organic produce to book buying for larger retail stores into the 1990s, and magazine distribution into the 21st Century, I've built business relationships with Fortune 500 companies, media outlets, bestselling authors, and driving programs in national and regional retail chains, selling multi-million dollar media and product programs.

I blog about news, economics, media, current events, history, trends, and culture.

Enjoy spending time with family, going fly fishing, shooting pool (pocket billiards), and studying history, from American Presidents to the Wild West, to ancient Greece and Rome. History is well documented with timeless wisdom, common sense, and the ways of great civilizations.

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